Leaf has been working with a client for 6 months now alongside Passivhaus consultants Low Carbon Box in the development of a large 4,000 sq ft house. The Silver Standard is aimed at those wishing to create high-performance buildings using widely available technology at little or no extra cost and in particular the comfort levels this build route can provide for the occupants. This project is still in the early development but we hope to be able to share more images and information on this project in the coming weeks/months.

The AECB Silver Standard can be said to be achieved where a building that is designed and modelled using PHPP1 in accordance with current Passivhaus methodology meets the following requirements:

Delivered Heat and cooling ≤ 40kWh/(m².a) According to PHPP and Passivhaus methodology.
Primary Energy demand 120 kWh/(m².a) ditto
Air tightness (n50) ≤ 1.5 h-1 (≤ 3 h-1) With MVHR (with MEV)2
Thermal Bridges3 Psiexternal <0.01 W/m Calculated if > 0.01 W/m
Summer overheating <10% <5% recommended